Fardella village accessible to all where the word, poetry and dialect, expression of the richness of our cultural diversity and our roots, become an identity ...

Comune di Fardella


This is the idea that led to the realization of this project with which the municipal administration of the small village of Fardella wanted to promote its historical, artistic, cultural, architectural, enogastronomic and environmental heritage making it more accessible also to people with disabilities, thus breaking down any form of "barrier" whether it be architectural, sensorial, cultural or social, and making it Fardella "accessible hamlet" with the project "Integrated recreational tourist itineraries without barriers and implementation of a structure in favor of usability of the Territory" .

The Municipality of Fardella wants to offer a complete information support for tourists, which can guide them in the use of material goods (ie artistic, historical, environmental and architectural) and immaterial (ie the food and wine traditions and historical identity), but which may also direct them on the activities / events organized on the territory (also neighboring) and on the structures related to tourism in the area.

This project is funded with funds FEASR 2014-2020 /PSR Basilicata 2014-2020 - Sottomisura 7.5: "Investimenti per fruizione pubblica di infrastrutture ricreative, turistiche su piccola scala ed informazioni turistiche - II finestra" for a total amount of € 108,736.70, involved the construction of a small structure to support the usability of the pond, the creation of this website (in Italian, German and English) and an APP, of digital and paper maps, of audio supports, tactile supports, also in relief, for the visually impaired and blind and of wooden signs located along the paths of architectural, cultural, landscape interest.

Walking through the narrow streets of the old town, the areas with the most striking environmental value, through tactile panels and the support of audio guides (also in English and German) you can appreciate the historical, cultural, environmental beauty that surround you, near the De Donato building, in the spaces dedicated to the Museum of the Word with its totems, one of which for people with disabilities, you can see / listen to videos to better understand the rural traditions of the village, told by the elderly, true treasure chests of knowledge, in dialect and subtitled.

Near the area of the municipal lake, where a structure has been built to support the usability also accessible, you can perform the path of sound, touch, fragrance or simply enjoy the tranquility of the place.

In the garden of poets, immersed in a green area at the end of the park Barbattavio-Angelo Guarino you can relax and read poetry, also accessible to the visually impaired and blind and installed on artistic supports.

And also for those who want to admire, from an excellent view, the massif of Pollino, the valley of Sinni and better know the flora and fauna in the area you can go up to the greenhouse Cerrosa and its Belvedere with its tactile panels and its landscape that leaves you amazed, a place that certainly deserves a visit and which you can also get using bicycles with pedal assistance and tandems that the institution provides the visitor.