Edifici Storici Monumentali

3 October 2019

Palazzo De Salvo

The 18th-century building is located at the bottom of the old Piazza Municipio and extends across the whole block, between Via Macchiavelli and Via Pellegrino.
3 October 2019

Caprarizzo (The Loggias)

The two-storey building and attic stands between Via Pellegrino and Via Cavour, which is where the main facade is located. On the ground floor, two arched doors lead to the then utility rooms, while the entrance to the house is on the first floor in Via Pellegrino and leads to two large rooms and two utility rooms.
3 October 2019

Home Filomena Typical Dwellings

The house commonly known as “A CAS I FLUMEN”, unfortunately now in ruins, still shows its original structure: load-bearing rubble masonry made with local stone, wooden floors and roof (whose remains are still visible inside on the ground), a facade with small windows to let in the light, but not the cold ...